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Anita Mitchell

Anita Mitchell - colon cancer survivor

Anita Mitchell is a busy mother to three children. Like most parents during the holidays, she had little time to think about herself. And like most moms, it took an extraordinary event to get her to pay attention to symptoms that had been bothering her for quite a while.

"Late in 2004, I wasn't feeling great," Mitchell said. "I'd had gastrointestinal (GI) pain and diarrhea nearly every morning and an occasional bloody stool."

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Richard Van Hollebeke

Dick had struggled with many issues as a result of his cancer treatment. He didn't feel comfortable going back to his oncologist after so many years, yet he wasn't sure if his primary care doctor would be familiar with his cancer related problems.

The issue Dick had struggled with the most was digestive dysfunction. These disturbances had affected his ability to work, his relationship with his wife, and his overall quality of life. "For many years my biggest concern, no matter what the occasion, was finding a bathroom in an emergency. I had come to believe that this condition would exist for the rest of my life," Dick said. "Now please don't let that suggest that I live a sedentary lifestyle; quite the opposite. At age 67 I'm still working, I swim several times a week, ride my bike, sing and am active in my community."

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